Checkpoint 2


At this point in time my Raycaster renders images similar to those that would be displayed on the Occulus rift. However, with the headset on, the images seem a little off. Some tweaks need to be made to the function that computes the distorted rays for a point in X, Y space. Once I correct the Raycaster, I'd like to perform an analysis of the performance of the distorted Raycaster vs the normal Oculus rendering method(render, then distort). While it wouldn't be a fair analysis if we were to compare the rendering times, we can analyze the differences in the amount of work done by the two renderers and compare the resulting images.
TODO: Upload Images

Remaining Work

Correct images so they look correct when viewed on the OR
Start gathering data for comparison metrics
Improve Ray Caster Performance
Test on Interactive scecnes, i.e changing camera position
New Features: Sparse Sampling on Edges of Image, More sampling in center; Raytracing?, Rays for different Colors?
Final Paper/Presentation